Please read the instructions carefully if you’re planning to book a competition spray tan.

Hier vind je antwoorden op de meeste vragen over wedstrijd spray tan

How does it work?

Search our webshop for the competition you are participating in, fill in your information and complete your payment method. Your spray tan time will be sent to you one or two days before the competition.

We will send the time only a few days before the competition because we need to receive the final competition program first. Naturally we will try to make the spray tan schedule as efficient as possible for everyone involved.en.

Competition spray tan, who is it for?

Our competition spray tan is suited for all classes. The competition spray tan color differentiates from the class that you participate in. For example, we spray the bikini fitness athletes a little lighter than the bodybuilding athletes.


This is always the case, because the weight measuring sessions take the whole morning. However, we do work closely with the organization. They will be informed of this, which gives you the opportunity to be available for your competition spray tan.


Spraying happens in a private tent, if you are not participating in the MAP class we kindly ask you to get fully naked to prevent stripes on stage. MAP athletes can wear underwear during spraying (please wear the underwear low since the shorts will be low as on stage as well).

After spray tanning the drying takes about 10 minutes. It is highly recommended to wear spacious clothes after the spray tan. If you have long hair please bring an elastic band and make sure your hair is up when we start tanning. We provide hairnets that protect your hair. Bring wide, dark clothes for after the tanning session (we prefer flipflops and/or loose socks).


Make sure you do not wear any jewelry during spray tanning, same for piercings. At IFBB competitions wearing piercings is not allowed during the competition anyway. Nails (also acryl and gel) do not have to be protected during spray tanning. We have wet wipes in the tents to clean your nails.


On most competition locations, athletes receive a wristband. Wearing these wristbands is mandatory so you will be wearing it during tanning. What to do if you do not want to see the wristband on pictures? Put the wristband on tight, we will spray over it. Ladies can wear a bracelet on top of it.


Wearing make-up before spray tanning is no problem (eye make-up, fake eyelashes, lipstick). You can choose whether to do your make up before or after tanning. We normally spray one thin layer on your face in order to achieve the same color as your body. Of course this is not mandatory. Tell the spraying lady your wishes.

Because we spray your face it is not necessary to use foundation, if you want to you are allowed. A light colored eye shadow can be put on before the tanning, we will spray slightly over it in a way that still shows the eye shadow. Mascara and eyeliner can be added before tanning.


Whenever you need a touch up, feel free to visit us. If the tanning smudges after sweating on stage, please pat dry instead of wipe.

Be careful with going outside while it is raining!!


One or two days before the competition you are allowed to scrub your skin with an(oil free) scrub. We advise you to use Get Buffed® Pre tan body scrub, scrubbing is not mandatory but provides in some cases a better result (as long as you do not damage your skin by scrubbing too hard). Take some scrub crème in to the palm of your hand and rub it into your skin like you are soaping. Do not rub hard because this willdamage your skin leaving scratches, these scratches will get visible after tanning.

Shaving has to be done with a sharp razor or a machine, do not use blunt razors! We advise shaving two days before the competition. If you have fast growing hair? Please shave the evening before the competition. Or use our total body hair remover Hair Away®

After shaving and scrubbing you are still allowed to use body lotion and face cream. We advise males that shave their full body for the first time to start shaving a few weeks before, preferably a few months, before competing. The skin needs time to get used to the shaving and the first few times bumps and irritation could appear.

We advise against waxing, too often we see athletes with rash or leftover glue on their skin. Depilatory crème works for some people, others get rash, please test this before using.

Do you use band aid like Cure tape or Fysio tape? Whenever you remove these band aids make sure you clean your skin with alcohol to remove all glue leftovers.


You are allowed to shower in the morning but do not use anything on your skin. Preferably no soap, no perfume, deodorant or bodylotion.

Do you have dry skin on your face? You can use a little crème on your face.


The Muscle Juice® is used to accentuate your strong points. If you have good shoulders but bad abs, use the product only a little on your shoulders. All bodybuilding classes use muscle shine, nowadays even the bikini classes use it but most of the time this is unnecessary.

Warning! Ladies if you plan to use shine, we advise you to use our Show Shine® posing oil. Because the Muscle Juice and Muscle sheen are a little more greasy and you don’t want to go on stage with greasy strings of hair.
It is always better to use muscle shine or oil in a minimal way to prevent shining like a mirror on stage, less is more! Did you use too much? Use a towel to dab the surplus. This will do the job and leave enough shine.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always on location to help you!

At the competitions where we are spray tanning, you can buy all Pro Tan® products.


Be sure to clean your stagewear as soon as possible after your competition weekend, do not leave them at the bottom of your laundry basket. Your stagewear need to be washed down under a faucet with lukewarm water. Do you have light colored stagewear? NEVER soak it in soapy water. On the inside of your clothing is still some tanning left, this will color the water brown and so will your stagewear. Let the stagewear dry on a towel, never leave it hanging on a clothesline because the colors will smudge. Never put your stagewear on a radiator to dry.


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